Wooden sticks manufacture

Wooden sticks are manufactured by rotary peeling and widely used in: ice-cream industry, restaurants and fast food cafes, cosmetology and medicine; the sticks are often used for craft and creativity in children development.

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Wooden coffee stirrers

buy disposable wooden sticks stirrers for coffee, hot and cold drinks and stirring cocktails

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Ice-cream sticks

buy sticks and spoons for ice-cream from the manufacturer at wholesale and retail

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Wooden spatulas

buy wooden cosmetic spatulas and disposable medical depressors, individually packed in paper

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Wooden sticks are made of birch and beech

Using our products is one of the factors of a person status, showing the preference to eco products. Wooden sticks possess obvious advantages over their plastic analogues: made of environmentally-friendly material, free of foreign odours, decomposed under the influence of natural factors without doing harm to the environment.

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