Wooden sticks manufacture

Wooden sticks are manufactured by rotary peeling and widely used in: ice-cream industry, restaurants and fast food cafes, cosmetology and medicine; the sticks are often used for craft and creativity in children development.

Wooden sticks manufacture, like any other manufacture in Russia, requires an individual and strict responsibility of each employee for his/her area of work, multi-level and rigorous monitoring of which is carried out by workshop managers, foremen, QCD chief and actually by the director of the enterprise. It consists of some interconnected main stages:

  •  acceptance and sorting of high-quality environmentally-friendly birch wood of 1st grade;
  •  barking and peeling, at this stage we get veneer of the required thickness;
  •  chopping or cutting of a workpiece, at this stage we can see the intended use of a wooden stick, based on the moulds  we get the workpieces of stirrers for coffee and different drinks, ice-cream sticks or wooden medical and cosmetic spatulas;
  •  automatic sorting of wooden sticks workpieces;
  •  drying, all products are dried to certain humidity and simultaneous polishing of sticks edges and faces is carried out;
  •  deburring, burrs and roughness are rubbed;
  •  testing for quality by QCD, sticks are made in accordance with specifications, which is confirmed by the certificate;
  •  packaging of products, they are laid in corrugated boxes with bags preventing moisture ingress.

    The basis for stable development of our enterprise is:
  •  closed cycle of wood processing (from procurement and clearing of own woodlands to finished products manufacturing and waste utilization);
  •  continuous improvement of equipment from European manufacturers;
  •  scheduled renewal and maintenance (our own tool room and repair shop);
  •  qualified team;
  •  convenient geographical location which allows to provide delivery of the products as soon as possible;
  •  compliance with all agreements, both written and verbal.


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